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You need a helping hand? Then have a look below and let me know!
You need some more helping hands? Then let me know as well! I work in close connection with other dedicated freelancers, so we can handle almost any character-based project.

Character Animation
Giving life to a virtual character is arguably the most difficult part in computer animation. How to show a character's mood and personality - in such a way that it is believable to the audience?
Be it 2D or 3D, be it classic cartoon style or hyper-realistic motion-capture data - it's through the key frames that a character starts to live.

Character Design
Before a character starts to walk and speak, there must be an idea. Where is the character coming from? What are the goals? What are his or her strengths and weaknesses ? Let me help define a character that appeals to the viewer. Starting from a concept with paper and pencil, the character will be finalized as a complete, fully textured 3D model.

Character Rigging
Preparing a character model for animation - the rigging - is a very technical, mathematical process. It involves the placement of bones or joints into the model, the shaping of deformations and the scripting of controllers. Finally, the animator should have maximum control over the poses of the character, while on the other side there should be only a minimum effort to get to these poses.
I have literally spent years in research and development by analyzing rigs and writing scripts/plug-ins - to make the animator's task as straightforward as possible.

Technical Direcction
You need a customized script or plugin for Cinema 4D, messiah:Studio, LightWave or modo? Then let me know! Over the past 5 years I have been developing plug-ins and some of them now are part of the the standard distribution of these programs.
I also have experience in game-related areas, such as the DirectX/XNA framework, Flash or general game AI algorithms.

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