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Please have a look at the links below to see some of my recent work. Additionally to these references, I also collaborated on various ad campaigns, for clients including Adidas and Big Dutchman.

Andy's Airplanes

Andy's Airplanes: This is a new family animation series created by Andy's Airplanes, LLC. It's a series about a little boy who wants to fly. The first episode won the prestigious "Parent's Choice Silver Award". I developed custom plug-ins and character rigs for several main characters, including the rig for title hero 'Andy'.

The Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah: Due for release in Easter 2009, this feature film by Animated Family Films is a story about a lamb that got into serious trouble. I contributed chararater rigs for a whole bunch of animals: 1 rat, 1 rooster, 1 hen, 1 sheep, 5 pigeons and 9 ravens. One of these ravens, a character called 'Boss', has been voiced by Hollywood actor Michael Madsen.


GASAG City: This is an ad campaign by a large Berlin gas company, GASAG. The advertisement features a large virtual city that demonstrates the usage of gas. The campaign won the German Multimedia Award 2008 for Corporate Communications. I created the character rig for the cute white polar bear and also did a little bit of character animation.

messiah:Studio 4

messiah:Studio 4: The new version of the powerful character animation and rendering program is out! I contributed as an additional developer. Among my creations is the 'CageDeformer' module, a volume-preserving deformation tool that lets you easily achieve cartoony effects like squash&stretch, fat wiggles etc.

'Coyote' QuickTime Sorensen3

Coyote: For a DVD about wildlife hunting I created the fur for this coyote. Created with Cinema 4D.

View it as QuickTime Sorensen3

Personal Stuff

Here is some personal stuff I did for practising and testing.

'Slight Problem' QuickTime Sorensen3

Slight Problem: This is a test of the amazing 2D animation program 'ToonBoomStudio'. The sound file was taken from Aardman's short film 'The Deadline'.

View it as QuickTime Sorensen3
View it as AVI DivX

'Magic Cube' QuickTime Sorensen3

Magic Cube: An animation of a 'magic cube' also known as 'Rubik's cube'. Created with Cinema 4D.

View it as QuickTime Sorensen3
View it as DivX AVI

'Jolly Dance' QuickTime H.264

Jolly Dance: A little animation for testing hair and motion capturing. Modeling and rendering (including hair) done with Cinema 4D. Rigging and animation (including MoCap clean-up) done with messiah:Studio.

View it as QuickTime H.264

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